PADI Bubble Maker



Want your kids to have fun and learn at the same time?

Are they under ten?

If so then the PADI bubble maker is the program for them!


what's involved


The bubble maker is a fun and exciting program designed by PADI for kids to enjoy while you relax at the beach, pool or go diving yourself. During the bubble maker children will get to enjoy the thrills of diving within the safety of our pool under the watchful eye of our staff members. They will play games like find the coins in the pool, win prizes and even get a certificate! As well as being fun the bubble maker program is educational. Your children will learn about the underwater ecosystem and how it can be protected as well as learning how to control buoyancy, relax and control their breathing while breathing through a regulator .

The bubble maker program can be personalized to you so if you have one free day or a few days we will make sure your child comes back to you with a smile of their face!



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